“Juana Inés & Her Beloved Countess”

So in the XVI late medieval early renaissance began this "Querelle des femmes" who was basically a intellectual debate on: are women intelligent beings? Can they like write and think? There were several golden moments but one of my favorites came from Juana Inés de la Cruz serving scalding hot burns with her famous poem "Foolish men". Sor Juana was born in Mexico in 1651. She could read by age three, she mastered Latin, and she even learned Nahuatl, the Aztec language. She read many books and collected them for her library, and she wrote music and poems and became known throughout Mexico and Europe for her poetry. Juana asked for permission to dress as a man and enter the University of Mexico, but she was denied. Despite censorship, she wrote extensively about the patriarchy, the quest for knowledge, and women’s right to an education. She also collected scientific instruments and conducted her own experiments. Sor Juana was ultimately silenced by ecclesiastical authorities, yet her prodigious intelligence continues to incite minds. Today, she is celebrated in her homeland of Mexico, and her old convent has been turned into a university. However, she isn’t as well-known in the U.S. 
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